CA BELEÑO, the emotional ingredient of ORDUM

In each ORDUM, 30 years of history

“’You only need to step in the doorway of Ca Beleño to realize that you have stepped inside a legend”.

This are the words used by the music critic Aurelio Argel to describe Ca Beleño, a place which was far more than just a pub. For many it was a temple of culture and live music, known even beyond our borders.

Cá Beleño: 30 years of history

1983 in Asturias saw the birth of the well known folk music group Beleño (Henbane), who went on to produce a number of records. In 1987 one of the members, Frank Delgado, opened the pub Ca Beleño (Henbane House) with the aim of creating a place where live music, get-togethers between musicians and banter between artists and friends would be the lifeblood of the enterprise. During all these times in Ca Beleño, a beer has always been held close to the heart. Many are the people who crossed the doorway and many are the unforgettable gigs by legendary groups like Tannahill Weavers, Capercaille, Paddy Keenan, Llan de Cubel, Felpeyu, Stormy Mondays, o Dervish.

In its usual innovative way, in 2012 Ca Beleño became the first brewpub in Asturias.

An idea

After living for a number of years in Hungary and Central Europe, Frank was convinced he should set up a brewery in Oviedo like those in the Central European countries, where this drink is part of the diet and ever-present in the lives of the people. In 2009 Blanca and Frank set about turning that idea into reality and begin their first studies. Three years later on the 1st of May 2012, after celebrating the Celtic ritual Beltane, the first lager and the first wheat beer flowed from the taps of Ca Beleño (the latter brewed using Asturian spelt).

ORDUM, a blend of the feeling of Ca Beleño and the nature of Borines water.

A project

Synergy is a key word for ORDUM because it is the coming together of two fundamental parts in the production of beer: one is the seed of ORDUM called Ca Beleño, and the other is the water of Borines, the element which is most used in its making.

A reality

At the source of Agua de Borines, in Piloña, is where the new production plant of ORDUM is located. A brewery raised on the historic site of this water brand, which has been restored to house this project through a laborious and detailed work of renovation at all times preserving the essence of its roots. Passing on the baton of history, of memory, and making it part of this new phase that has just begun.